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At KDK Concrete of Volusia

I have owned and operated my own Concrete Business since 1997. We currently serve not only in Florida, but we do work in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, south Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio and Louisiana along with past projects in Coloroda, Nebraska & Iowa on our resume. We've built commercial and residential concrete projects on all scales. Our people know what your project needs, no matter what size it is. Our policy of exclusively hiring forward-thinking innovators and managers means that we always create functional solutions to meet your needs at suprisingly reasonable costs.

We do drug screening for a clean work inviornment for saftey with saftey meetings every Monday, as a touch up on these policies.

We don't let our employees wear any unappropriate clothes or use any offensive language that will offend you or your children.

Respect to you and our employees is of the upmost resposibility for me.

           We at KDK Concrete of Volusia will NOT sacriface Quality for Quanity

                         We achieve great results by keeping things simple.


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